Waiting for the Tea Leaves to Settle

Frank broke the news late last week—training would be suspended until after the elections. Kibera has a way of becoming a hot spot during election season and a mere presence in the slum can become political. So practice will resume sometime after March 4th.

The Tumaini Sports Initiative’s training has been challenged this year like no other. Resources are scarce; the weather refuses to cooperate; getting nutrition supplements to the students has become difficult due to limited funding and support. A stop watch and training equipment are hard to come by. And now politics are yet another disruption. But the athletes persevere, many of them training on their own when official training is suspended, in hopes of competing in the World Youth Athletic Trials in June.

The global running community is anxiously awaiting the results of Kenya’s election. Ever since the country erupted with violence in 2007, elections are treated with a certain amount of caution. Hotel reservations in the Rift Valley, the famed region where many of the world’s elite complete their high-altitude training, have yet to be confirmed. Running clubs are sending out bulletins on elections and safety. Indeed, our team has had to postpone planning until the elections are over.

Everyone is waiting for the tea leaves to settle.

Following the election, we will finalize plans for our filming schedule this spring. Until then, we’ll hope that peace and democracy prevail, and that we’re back to running soon.


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