“If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon.”

Emil Zatopek, as quoted in “Running with the Kenyans.”

A few months ago in a Kenyan-runner-research-frenzy, I read about Adharanand Finn, a journalist who set off on an amazing adventure to “discover the secrets of the fastest people on earth.” A regular Runner‘s World contributor, he packed up his family and moved to Kenya to see if he could, in fact, run with the Kenyans and discover what makes them the best runners on the planet. Was it altitude? The poverty? The bare-feet? The ugali? The rest?

“Running with the Kenyans” is a story told in beautiful detail; our legs ache after his painstakingly long morning runs, our lungs burn when he races the Kenyans for the first time. His curiosity, passion, and commitment are contagious. Its a fascinating read for runners and non-runners alike, though it will hold a special place in the hearts anyone who has ever shared his dream of running with the Kenyans.

“Running with the Kenyans” comes out in the States May 15th, but you can pre-order it on Amazon. Check it out!


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